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We find you the lowest-cost, highest-coverage, employee benefits plans in Western Canada

20% Cost Reduction

On average your premiums can be reduced by 20% - but often you can find higher savings.


Each year most premiums increase. Our plans can give you guaranteed rates, where you can lock-in rates for 2+ years.

the best

Give your employees the best coverage for things like prescriptions, dental, practitioners, vision care, mental health, etc.

what we do for you

  • We match you with the best possible Group Benefits Provider for your company size, industry, and plan goals.

  • Your Benefits Provider will find the perfect benefits plan for you.

  • It's quick, simple, and gets your company the lowest-cost, highest-coverage plan tailored to your needs.

Real Results

A few examples of the types of companies we've matched to the best firms available, and the results they saw


200+ employees, Edmonton

This company's new plan gave them a 22% reduction in premiums, which saved them $120,000 each year


37 Staff, Vancouver iSLAND

This firm saved 22% on their premiums, and their staff received exceptional coverage.


8 employees, Calgary

This non-profit saw a 33% reduction in their premiums and their small group received great coverage.

Furniture sales

25 Employees, Around Alberta

They were able to lower their premiums by a massive 44%. Their coverage was not effected at all.


6 Employees, Vancouver

This small business saved 29% on their premiums and gave their team amazing coverage.


120 employees, Edmonton

The benefits provider matched to this non-profit brought them a 21% reduction in their premiums.


15 employees, Edmonton

This tech company was matched to a benefits provider that brought them a 29% reduction in their premiums.


120 staff, Calgary

This company had a major issue with employee turnover due to poor benefits. Their new plan gave much better coverage, and they have lost 0 employees since switching. many more

all sizes of companies

Companies of any size, or any industry, can easily reduce their premium costs while giving their employees the best coverage available.

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